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Will the dream come true?

I want to build a dream village, where the people in the village are more advanced job opportunities have  facilities such as football fields, tennis, volleyball, badminton and there is also a concert arena and theater of dreams.
but also the feel of the countryside remain as rice fields, mountains. suppose could be a village head, I’m sure the village will lead forward but I still have no support from the citizens,
maybe this is just a dream that will be difficult to reach, because of the people today that choosing the head of the village to spend tens of millions of dollars, but they do not realize that in the end if elected they will do that hurts the corruption itself.
when will my dream will come true to live in a quiet village with no hustle and bustle in a very noisy and hot. look at the West seemed to be enjoying the paradise world can live without having to think about money. I can not believe they can have a continuous flow of investment. what exactly is their secret? whether their governments are very nice, not like in this country.
in this country is already a crisis everything worked just enough to eat and sleep, without any allowance for the future, they take advantage of this opportunity to enrich themselves. and where to share with others? sometimes I can not understand either the East who said it was a lot of bad things.

this is real life,,,, I can only try and pray that my dream could come true.
but in the end all I give to the Creator  ( God )…


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